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Welcome to Game Development

Game Development 1

This course introduces students to fundamental principles of game design and 2D computer animation using software that allows for interactivity through web browsers and mobile platforms. Students will learn vector imaging and animation techniques to design and develop characters, props, levels, and user interface. Object-oriented programming will be introduced through a user-friendly block-snapping interface to develop game logic and build interactive environments. Students will develop a 2D game from conception to completion ready for release on iOS, Android, or the World Wide Web.

Game Development 1 Learning Targets

Hour of Code - Arduino

Game Development 2

This course will expand upon the principles of game design learned in Game Development 1 and will introduce students to the principles of three-dimensional modeling and animation for game development. Students will use 3D modeling software to create character animation and 3D environments for video games. Topics will include lowpoly modeling, rigging, animating, lighting, camera angles, and texturing. Through the use of a game engine, students will implement controls, physics, collision detection, sound, animation, and memory management. Students will develop a 3D game from conception to completion ready for release on desktop computers and the World Wide Web.

Game Development 2 Learning Targets

Instructor Information

Mr. Michael Anderson
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