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Welcome to Print Media

In Print Media 1, students will be introduced to the basics of graphic design including digital image manipulation, digital illustration, and page layout using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students will learn to design for digital printing technologies and will learn how to operate digital printing equipment. Each student will design and produce a decal, a laser cut item, notepads, a t-shirt, a canvas poster, a package, a promotional product, a calendar, a 3D print, and buttons.
PM1 Course Description
Laptop Checkout Sheet

Print Media 2 will expand upon the topics of graphic design and print production. Students will use professional graphic design software and print production equipment in a project based learning environment where they will able to think critically, problem-solve and collaborate within the context of graphic communications.‚Äč Students will design and produce a variety of custom printed media.
PM2 Course Description