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The Technology Education department at Stevenson High School strives to prepare students for a world of rapidly changing technology. Today, students need to be proficient with technology to succeed. The Technology Education curriculum can prepare students for both professional and personal endeavours with technology. The curriculum is project based and will teach students to look at problems from a new perspective. The careers in technology that will be available for current high school students by the time they graduate from college do not exist today. Technology Education is focused on teaching students the skills and knowledge that they will need to adapt to new technology as it unfolds.

The department offers curriculum in the following areas: engineering, architecture, print media, web development, game development, and audio/video design. Please contact any of the Technology Education teachers or stop by our classrooms for more information.

2016-2017 Course Selection

Course Descriptions and Flow Chart

Specific Course Information

Never taken a Tech Ed course?

We have several courses for you to explore. Below is a list of courses available with no pre-requisite. Please read the course descriptions for more information.
  1. TEC 181/182: Print Media 1 - One Semester
  2. TEC 171/172: Web Development 1 - One Semester
  3. TEC 111/112: Audio/Video Design 1 - One Semester
  4. TEC 501/502: Game Development 1 - One Semester
  5. TEC 151/152: PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design - One Year
  6. TEC 141/142: Residential Architecture - One Year

Current Tech Ed Students

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Please check all courses that you have taken:

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
Architectural Design (AD)
Digital Electronics (DE)
Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
Advanced Architectural Design (AAD)
Principles of Engineering (POE)
Engineering Design & Development (EDD)

Audio/Video Design 1
Audio/Video Design 2
Game Development 1
Game Development 2
Print Media 1
Print Media 2
Web Development 1
Web Development 2
Media Arts Design and Development