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 Chapter Twelve:  Blood
Assignment Sheet





By the end of this unit the student should be able to:

  1. Describe the general characteristics of blood, and discuss its major functions.  
  2. Distinguish among the types of blood cells.  
  3. Explain the control of red blood cell production.  
  4. Distinguish among the five types of white blood cells and give the function(s) of each type.  
  5. List the major components of blood plasma, and describe the functions of each.  
  6. Review the major steps in blood coagulation.  
  7. Explain blood typing and how it is used to avoid adverse reactions following blood transfusions.  
  8. Distinguish between specific and nonspecific immunity and provide examples of each.  
  9. Explain how two major types of lymphocytes form and how they provide immunity.  
  10. Distinguish between primary and secondary immune responses.  
  11. Distinguish between active and passive immunity.  
  12. Explain how allergic reactions, tissue rejection reactions and autoimmunity involve immune mechanisms.  

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Lectures:  (PowerPoint)

  •   Introduction to Human Biology 



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