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 Chapter Thirteen:  Cardiovascular System






By the end of this unit the student should be able to:

  1. Name the organs of the cariovascular system, and discuss their functions. (p344) 
  2. Name and describe the locations and functions of the major parts of the heart. 

  3.  (p344) 
  4. Trace the pathway of blood through the heart chambers.  (p347) 
  5. Trace the pathway of blood through the vessels of coronary circulation. (p349) 
  6. Discuss the cardiac cycle, and explain how it is controlled.  (p350) 
  7. Identify the parts of a normal ECG pattern, and discuss the significance of this 
  8.  pattern. (p355) 
  9. Compare the structures and functions of the major types of blood vessels. (p357) 
  10. Describe the mechanisms that return venous blood to the heart. (p362) 
  11. Explain how blood pressure arises and is controlled. (p363) 
  12. Compare the pulmonary and system circuits of the cardiovascular system. (p367) 
  13. Identify and locate the major arteries and veins of the pulmonary and systemic 
  14.  circuits.  (p367) 

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