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The AP Studio Art 2-D Design Portfolio

AP Studio Art is not based on a written examination; instead, you will submit a portfolio for evaluation at the end of the school year.

The three Studio Art portfolios (2-D Design, 3-D Design, and Drawing) share a basic, three-section structure, which requires you to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns (and methods). Each section contributes equally to the final grade.

Any subject, content, style, media, and technique are acceptable.

Requirements for the Student Art 2D Design Portfolio | Brief Overview | Portfolio Requirements


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AP Credit

AP Registration and Payment
Online exam registration will begin on Monday, February 8. Students may register for exams at the $92 per exam rate until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 7. After that time, a $25 late fee per exam will be assessed. No registrations will be accepted after 4 p.m. on Monday, March 29. Should you need to cancel an AP exam, you must contact Ms. Bazan in Room 6000. There is a $25 processing fee for exam cancellations. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after April 10.

For the 2016 AP exams, students will again be registering online. This registration will take a few minutes and can be completed from any computer with Internet access. The fee is $92 for each AP exam. Students can pay by credit or debit card using the online process. Any payment by check, money order, or cash must be made in person in the Teaching and Learning office, Room 6000, with Ms. Bazan. The registration information should still be completed online but it will not be processed until payment is made. Students requiring financial assistance should contact Ms. Bazan in room 6000 to learn more.

Portfolio Digital Submission

The works submitted for evaluation may have been produced in art classes or on your own time and may cover a period of time longer than a single school year.

Any work that makes use of (appropriates) photographs, published images and/or other artists' work must show substantial and significant development beyond duplication. This is demonstrated through manipulation of the formal qualities, design, and/or concept of the source. Your personal, unique artistic vision should be clearly evident.